Cut The Crap-Drinking Problem

As a class, we have taken on the Cut the CRAP challenge. Which basically means that we are committing to eating a healthy diet of nutritious foods. A diet of nutritious foods contains limited amounts of : CRAP–(caffeine, refined sugars, alcohol and processed foods).

Since small changes over time lead to BIG results, we have been focusing on one small change each week. Through this week, we have focused on determining what we are really eating by completing the food detective worksheet and worked on having meals composed of the healthy plate method.

Did you know that depending on what you drink, you could be adding 500-1000 calories to your diet per day?

Our challenge this week is to drink water with and in between our meals. I know it sounds hard but it can be done and your body will thank you for it!

Here are just a few tips on how to drink more water:

1.  Make it a Morning Ritual.  Start your day off with a glass of water.

2.  Add Some Lemon!  I also like to add lime to my water.

3.  Always have a full glass of water near you when you are working. It will give you something to mindlessly sip on when you are brainstorming or need something to do with your hands.

4.  Vanity baby!—When all else fails, think of how healthy and glowing water makes your skin look!

Call me crazy but, I drink more water when I drink out of a straw.  Crazy I know, but I am just NOT a natural water girl.  I am a tried and true Dr. Pepper and Coke girl so I have to get creative when I drink water.

Totally keeping it real here, sometimes drinking water just does not cut it!  In times like those, have ONE GLASS of the beverage you really want.  Savor it by drinking it slowly AND drinking water along with it.

Do you have any don’t-drink-all-your-calories tips?


  1. Same on the water for me. I love it with lemon, and I have a ~20 oz. cup at work that has a straw with it…makes it easier to drink a few of those during the day. Fortunately, I can usually live without soda, so that’s one less thing to worry about!


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