Let. It. Go.

Hello Divas! I hope your weeks are going well.  We started our newest Bible Study, Let. It. Go. by Karen Ehman on last Saturday, January 19, 2013.  No worries if you missed the first session, just follow our posts on the blog for homework and discussions.  Then join us on Saturday February 2, 2012 for session two!

As many of you know, I am the mom to two beautiful girls, Aryonna(11) and Anaiya (8).  This age group is affectionately called the tween era.  Meaning they are be-tween being a child and a teenager.  It also means that many mamas think they are losing their minds during this time.  Mamas like me feel like they are losing it because there is a real POWER struggle going on.  Yep, my girls want to control their own lives…ready or not!

But this struggle for control is not just with tweens, it is with adult women as well.  Just like my daughters, life tells us no, not now or something bad happens and we fly into full CONTROL FREAK mode.

Most women are VERY resourceful.  One thing that came up during our discussion is that other people know we are “git-er-done” kind of girls so they ask us to manage a lot of things and then get upset when we TAKE OVER!

I just love the way Karen summed up our tendency to control:

“A competent woman can run a bang-up PTA bake sale or plan a fabulous family reunion.  She can juggle home, school, professional life, and church duties with downright riveting results…..The problem lies with our failure to know  where to draw the line, to differentiate between leading and bossing, to know difference between simply taking charge and ultimately taking over.” OUCH!

Being controlling does not always mean being loud and forcing our own way.  Often, we control by being a martyr, enabling others to keep the peace, and manipulating others by always saying yes thereby guilting them to say yes to us. (After all we have done for them!!)

No matter how we manage to get things to go as we want, our controlling ways are exhausting AND at their root, are basic doubt in God’s provision and will.

Nehemiah 8:10 teaches us, the joy of the Lord is our strength“.

Divas, join our newest bible study and  learn some practical biblical tips to…….Let. It. Go.

Stop running the show and start walking in faith!

Our next time “in person” will be on February 2, 2013 8:30am just before class.  You can follow along with us online if you cannot make it to class. Let. It. Go. can be purchased on Amazon.  Homework before the next study is to read chapters 1-3 and complete the session 1 “Between-Sessions Personal Study”.

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