Vending Machines–Cut The Crap

 I attended a conference over the weekend which had  its share of challenges for a girl trying to “Cut the Crap”.  There was dessert after both lunch and dinner and enough emotional stress to make you want to eat as much CRAP as humanly possible!!! I will give them credit and say that I could always have a salad and there were plenty of veggies and low carb items at most meals.  However, there were NO snacks.

In  retrospect, that was probably a good thing because snacks at a conference usually consist of cookies and soda:(  Nonetheless, with all the packing and situating I did just to get there, I did NOT plan ahead and bring my own healthy snacks.

So this hungry girl had to go to a vending machine to get a snack one day…a huge dilemma! What is NOT crap in a vending machine?

That is a loaded question because pretty much EVERYTHING in vending machines are CRAP.  However, some things are better than others.  In the real world, sometimes you have to choose the lesser of the evils.  Yes Divas, Imperfect Progress (slow steps of change wrapped in grace)–Lysa Terkeurst.

What are some of the healthiest choices from a vending machine?

Nuts are usually the best choice however, the sodium content can be a little high.

If you are a chip girl, go for the baked lays.  If there are no baked lays, choose sun chips.

Stay away from rice krispie treats, pop tarts,  and cheese crackers.

Read Fitness Magazine’s article on the 10 Healthiest and Worst vending machine snacks.

I chose Sun Chips and I made a mental note to pack snacks on my next conference.

Have you ever tried to make a healthy choice from a vending machine?

If so, what did YOU choose?

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