Five Minute Friday-Ordinary

Happy Friday Divas! We are linking up with Lisa Jo Baker, (The Gypsy Mama), for her weekly writing link up–Five Minute Friday (FMF). For most FMFs, Lisa Jo provides a one word prompt and challenges writers to write about the prompt for five minutes ONLY. Today’s word is ORDINARY.

What happens when ordinary women come together and encourage each other? The extra-ordinary love of God is experienced.

I am simply ah-mazed at all the beautiful rainbow of women that attend class each week. Empty-nesters, toddler mommies, mommies of teenagers, married without children, single, brown skin, peach skin, tall, short, thin, and my favorite..chunky but funky—all together dancing away the cares of the week.

A wonderful lady we will just call “V” dances on the front row of class. “V” is from Miami and I LOVE to watch her dance. We did a merengue number last night and I was just mesmerized watching her. At one point in the song, I yelled “whoo-hoo” and told everyone to watch her.

At the end of class, ladies kept coming up to her to compliment her dancing. She graciously said thank you but then informed everyone that she is just ORDINARY in comparison to her family in Miami. She even said if her family members were in class, they would put her to shame!

Believe me when I tell you there is NOTHING ORDINARY about “V” as a dancer or as a person. Just watching the way she feels the music and then loses herself to the point where she does her own routine and adds her signature spin gives me so much joy. Just talking with her and being in her presence makes you smile.

We often down play our awesomeness because we look at ourselves through the dark-colored glasses of comparison. When we compare, it is hard to see ourselves as anything but ORDINARY. God uses ordinary people every day. Little truly does become much when it is placed in the Master’s hands.

If you are in the Kernersville, NC area–join us for bible study and class on Saturday.


  1. I love the rainbow that you’ve shared this morning!

  2. This is so true! What a fun story too. It made me smile. It’s funny that how we see ourselves can vary so much from how others view us. I wish I could see those ladies dancing- it sounds like fun!

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