Five Minute Friday-Beauty

FMF BeautyHappy Friday Divas! A few years ago, Five Minute Friday was a weekly post for  our blog.  I’m so happy God saw fit for it to come back!

What is Five Minute Friday?  Glad you asked. Each week, Christian writers from all over the world write for five minutes on the same word and place a link to their posts on the Five Minute Friday Blog.  Today’s word is BEAUTY.

When the word beauty is mentioned, the better part of me wants to go all cliche:  “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” or “beauty is all around us”.  But the truth is, if I am not intentional with my thinking, the word beauty reminds me of a good hair day with my make-up done just right and perfect lighting for a great selfie.

Culture defines beauty for us.  Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, reality TV, home design sitcoms all provide us imagery of “beauty“.  Through those images, we begin to compare the beauty portrayed on screens with the reality of our lives.

There is no beauty in the ugly space of comparison.

I read a quote by John Ray:  “Beauty is power, and a smile is its sword”.


In our fitness classes, we have so many moments of beauty and none of them involve perfectly decorated homes, delicious and ornate desserts, made up faces, goddess bodies or fashionable outfits.  However, each one of them have a smile somewhere in the mix.

Earlier this month, we celebrated our very own Cindy Novack as she danced breast cancer right out of her life.  The smiles I witnessed that night were not only beautiful they were glorious. When Cindy rang the  bell in the front of our class…beauty manifested.



Just this week, two ladies in class jumped on stage and led the warm-up. Look at those smiles–swords of beauty.



Proverbs 15:30 A cheerful look brings joy to the heart;good news makes for good health.



  1. Beauty(ties) are those who surround a friend and loved one and shield them thru the pains of loss

  2. Nice article. I’ve learned to fall on the sword too as you did with your comments on Hunwick. I appreciate your description of D as simple, vanilla and no-frills. I think that description accurately fits last year’s D led by Hainsey, Cole and the others. Specifically D-men and prior to the recent trade, the changes this season have been return of 58 and acquisition of 22. There are no pretty losses or ugly wins in pro sports. The Pens battled during the gaffe made in OT leading to the Islander PP. Those 3 ugly losses could have led to 4 and imagine the different article put out instead. Hahaha. I guess I was one of the fans you described lined up on the bridge after the Boston beat down. I’ll gladly fall on the sword if the Pens are fortunate to advance and play the Bruins in the playoffs and win. Go Pens!

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