Banish the Freshman Fifteen

Starting out at college is a time of excitement, anticipation, and oftentimes, extreme nervousness. There are a whole host of prospects that can leave any freshman filled with anxiety, from making friends to maintaining good grades to knowing which classes to take.

In addition to academic and social concerns, most college students will gain between 15 and 25 pounds by the end of their sophomore year. YIKES!

One of the main causes of the freshman 15? Lack of exercise: Not only do the majority of college students not get the recommended amount of exercise, one in three just don’t exercise at all.

To be fair, finding time for exercise in the midst of busy college life can be challenging, but there are some great ways that particular hurdle can be side-stepped.

One of our very own divas, Lauren Howard, figured out how to balance school work, social life and fitness.  Lauren started her fitness journey in our class and continued her quest for better health while away at UNC-Chapel Hill (Go heels!!!).  Don’t believe me, a picture says a thousand words:

Lauren Howard created a great infographic that explains some of the best ways for college students to stay fit—even in the middle of a dorm room.

These tips are not just for college kids.  Back-to-school craziness can derail even the best of organized mamas!  Are there any tips below you can incorporate at home even if you cannot make it to class or the gym?  Tell me in the comments:)

The Best Regimen for College Fitness


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Five Minute Friday-View

Five Minute FridayIt’s Friday y’all! Whoo hoo! Every Friday, Lisa Jo Baker hosts a blog link up called Five Minute Fridays (FMF). She provides a word prompt and then participants are to set their timers for five minutes and write until the timer goes off. I am so thankful that I found Five Minute Fridays! FMF gives me an opportunity to just “freestyle”! Many of you have told me that you really enjoy reading the FMF posts! If you have NEVER read the FMF posts, I urge you to read past posts. Today’s word is VIEW.

One of the main reasons ladies start coming  to our classes is to lose weight. Perhaps there was a doctor’s appointment that gave a scare or the VIEWing of “a certain photo”  that motivated lifestyle change.  Once ladies become regular attenders they don’t continue to come for weight loss, they come for the sisterhood.  There is something magical about shaking and sweating with other awesome women–just sayin’!


Regardless of the reason for beginning or continuing any fitness program, one universal way we gauge our success is by getting on the…. scale (key the horror music).

Yep, stepping on a small box and getting a number can make your day or ruin your day.  Your entire point of VIEW can be changed by the scale….if you allow it. 

I have felt great and didn’t have to squeeze into my clothes on a particular day and then hopped on the scale only to be told I had gained weight.  Instantly the  “not good enough” thoughts began to swirl around in my brain.

Really?  Is my greatness or your greatness tied to what we weigh?  We are loving mommies,  fabulous spouses, great employees, dynamic entrepreneurs, caring and supportive friends — but all this truth falls out of our VIEW when the scale does not display what we would like.

Although the scale can give us some measurable information, it cannot:  admire your smile, thank you for the kind gestures you show others daily, or give you props for how you keep on keepin’ on in spite of it all.

Say it with me….I am beautiful and a force to be reckoned with!  <Tweet this>  

If you are close to the Winston-Salem/Greensboro area, join us for Bible Study and Soulful Saturday!

Happy Memorial Day!

It’s Gettin Hawt In HERE!-Tips to Stay Cool During Summer Work-Outs

I LOVE warm weather!   I LOVE that it doesn’t get dark early!  I LOVE wearing warm weather clothes! I DON”T love how HOT it gets in the gym during our workouts! (Last Wednesday was CRAZEE HOT!)

Dripping with sweat after class one lovely Wednesday night!

 The air in the gym is functional  but when you get 70 hawt mamacitas in the room dancing their hearts out, you can’t expect ANYTHING less than a sweltering, steamy room!

Soooo, since NOT coming to class is sooooo NOT an option, here are some quick tips to help you stay cool during class:

1. Drink Plenty of Water!!!  Hot temperatures usually mean MORE sweating! I don’t know about you Divas but I sweat in the winter so, you know it is off an poppin’ in the summer!  Increased sweating means that our bodies are loosing a lot of water which can lead to dehydration.  There is a reason we take a couple of quick 10-20 second breaks during class… DRINK WATER  (not to sit down) LOL!

2. Bring a Towel!!  Have a towel ready to wipe your sweat!  Really feel like you are at the “spa” by putting a cold damp towel in a plastic bag with a few cut up lemons and ice!  What a treat after class!!! 

3.  Eat well-balance meals– During the summer months, there’s a tendency to eat more on the go, which means fast and junk foods.  Fast and Junk foods are most likely processed which means they are full of simple carbs and SODIUM!!!  Ladies often work out during the winter months in preparation for the summer but then let their hard work go to waste by eating the wrong foods!  Some of the best fruits and veggies are in season during the summer!

4. Don’t Overdo It!–If you feel yourself getting overheated, do NOT try to be a superwoman!  Break it down to a march  or just simply shimmy in place!

See you in class this week!