NO Class TODAY (Saturday March 30, 2013)

SpringBreak2013In observance of the Easter Holiday and Spring Break, we will NOT have class this morning! We will have our regular scheduled classes on Wednesday April 3, 2013 and Thursday April 4, 2013!


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Enjoy your families!!!

Class Canceled 01/17/13-Home Workout Link

Hello Divas! With the weather forecast as it is, I am regretfully canceling class tonight.  As much as I love to shake “it” with all of you, our safety is first! So again:  WE ARE NOT HAVING CLASS TONIGHT (01/17/2013)  DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER!

Class for Saturday is STILL ON–until further notice.

Want to still get a little dancing in tonight?  I put together a little workout from videos taken during out class:  GO HERE (About 30 minutes–medium level of intensity)

 (I have decided that I need to video MORE OFTEN!! Most of the videos on the playlist are NOT professionally done.  Sooo, if any of you are great videographers…let a sista know!)

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Girls’ Night Out

We had soooo much fun at our Girls’ Night Out Spa Party!  Thank you so much to everyone who attended!  From manicures to pedicures and food all in between…….we had a blast!

I think we kept the nail salon owners VERY entertained with our dancing! Not sure anyone has danced at the salon before.  Leave it to the Divas to be the first!

Dancing through life together couldn’t be more fun!


Five Minute Friday-Graceful

Five Minute FridayEvery Friday, Lisa Jo Baker hosts a blog link up called Five Minute Fridays. She provides a word prompt and then participants are to set their timers for five minutes and then write until the timer goes off.  The word for today is Graceful.  Happy Friday Divas and here goes:

When I tell people  I am a dance fitness instructor, they quickly inform me that they think our class MIGHT be fun but they:  can’t dance, don’t have any rhythm, and are too clumsy to join us.  My answer to them:  being graceful or even being able to dance is NOT a requirement.  All that is required is an open mind and the ability to laugh at yourself!

One of the reasons we start class with everyone finding a neighbor and looking them in the eyes and informing them “No matter how hard you try, you cannot look like me”, is to release the fear of having to perform every step perfectly and full of grace.

As we salsa through the dance of life, we have moments of graceful footwork.  Sometimes, we are tripping over every thing in our path.  Other times,  like Paula Abdul, we are awkwardly taking two steps forward and two steps back. 

The great joy is that God is Always with us. 

image source: God’s Gracefulness

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Join-Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday
Every Friday, Lisa Jo Baker hosts a blog link up called Five Minute Fridays. She provides a word prompt and then participants are to set their timers for five minutes and then write until the timer goes off.  Today’s word is JOIN.  So, happy Friday Divas and here goes:

Thinking about the word join makes me smile.  Our class has been dancing along for almost two years.  It never ceases to amaze me how many women join our class as new participants each week.   As the days and weeks go by, more women join our Meetup Page.  Earlier this summer, we made it to 500 Meetup members!  Even though 538 women are Dance Fit Diva Meetup members, not all of them actually attend class.  It is funny, I have run into ladies at the store who have never been to a class yet they commented on something that our class is doing!

God is doing some amazing work in the hearts of women in our community whether they join us in body, spirit or both.  After visiting the blog, (Rubber Chicken Madness),  I found a perfect summation of what being a part of the Dance Fit Divas means:  “joining, learning, participating as a member of a community with no feelings of guilt or obligation, but true willingness to be a part of something”.

Isn’t that so us?

Ecclesiastes 4:12 Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for our regular Soulful Saturday class and then join us at the Honeybee Festival as we show Kernersville that the Divas have started a movement!


National Dance Day-K’Vegas Style

National Dance Day is July 28, 2012!!!! Whoo hoo, lets celebrate!  Dizzy Feet Foundation, (a charity that donates money to organizations providing dance education to underprivileged youth), the hit show So You think You Can Dance and ZUMBA fitness have teamed up for a huge Dance Day celebration in Los Angeles California!

Since we can’t be in LA, we will celebrate K’Vegas Style after our normal “Soulful Saturday” class on Saturday July 28, 2012!  There are two routines that everyone will be performing that day.  One routine is a hip hop number and the other one is a ZUMBA fitness routine.

For our celebration, we will video and perform the ZUMBA routine and upload all of our fabulousness to the Dizzy Feet Foundation Facebook page!  Don’t worry, we will practice the routine a couple of times before taping. Plus, we have been practicing ALL month!

Soooo, just plan on staying for just a little while longer after class and tell your friends! We will have refreshments!

As promised, here is a short video of me performing the Crazy Love routine with our modifications:

Want to see the original? Go Here


New Session and Cut the Crap!

Well, the 4th of July barbecues are over! Time to sizzle the jiggle with a little dancing!  Our new Summer Session will start on Wednesday July 11, 2012!  As always, we have class on every Wednesday and Thursday 6pm-7pm and every other Saturday at 9:30!

Find our calendar, directions and class reviews on our Meetup Page!!!!

It is a well known fact that you can overeat any workout program.  With all the hot dogs, hamburgers, sweet tea, sodas, cakes, breads, dips, ice creams and so on that are available I think it is time that we (meaning our class collectively) take a little break from all the junk and CUT THE CRAP!

CRAP stands for…

Caffeine –I like to have a cup of coffee in the morning and actually 1-2 cups of coffee or tea per day are not that bad. It is the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and all the other sugary stuff that people (me included) tend to put in coffee that is the issue. Also, having more than a couple of cups per day can lead to muscle tremors, rapid heartbeat, nervousness, and depression.

Refined Sugar – Just think of EVERYTHING! Just about everything in the American Diet has sugar in it! My beloved Coca-Colas, cakes, candy and just about every packaged food you can buy in a vending machine.

Alcohol – I have always viewed alcohol as empty calories. I am not one of those people who need alcohol to unwind and have a good time! Just turn on music, and I am ready to dance completely sober! At any rate, limiting alcohol in take is a critical part of cutting the crap.

Processed Foods – Most things that come in a box, jar, can or foam packaging from a fast food restaurant are processed. Most processed foods contain bleached wheat flour like white bread (gasp!). White sugar, white rice, white pasta are all processed and should all be avoided-at least during the challenge and then eaten in moderation afterwards.

Ok so, what can I eat:  Things prepared by human hands NOT a machine!

Whole grains!
Lean cuts of meat!

Soooo, with the start of the new session, let’s take a 21 day challenge to CUT the CRAP!  Complete the challenge and get entered in a drawing for free fitness wear!

We did this as a class last year and it was a huge success!

Freedom Song Dance-Along!

Just in case you need to dance a little after eating, celebrate your freedom by jamming it out with our class!  This video is of the powerful song, Freedom Song by Mandisa!

This Devoted Fitness choregraphy is by Larae Puckett! 

Happy Freedom Day Divas!

Happy 4th–No Class this Week-Barbecue Tips

Happy 4th of July Divas!!!!!! Enjoy celebrating our GREAT Country and remember that we DO NOT have class this week!  That’s right, no class today, tomorrow OR Saturday!

Here are a few tips on how NOT to overeat at a barbecue/cookout:


1. Skip the chips, crackers, and extra breads.  These processed simple carbohydrates do NOT fill you up and they cause your blood sugar level to spike and then plummet.  The quick rise and fall of blood sugar levels can make you feel more hungry.  More hungry means more eating.  Bottom line–save your calories for FOOD not junk!

2.  Don’t drink your calories.  I LOVE soda, lemonade, Kool-Aid and ANY OTHER DRINK FULL OF SUGAR!!!  Although I LOVE them, I recognize that drinking them can reek havoc on the mid section!  Eight ounces of soda can pack 150 calories.  Who can drink only 8 ounces when a can of soda is 12 ounces and most bottled drinks are at least 20 ounces?  In addition, reasearch has shown that we don’t feel full after drinking like we do after actually eating food! Bottom line, stick with water at the barbecue this year–it’s gonna be hot anyway!

3.  Fill up on veggies and fresh fruits.  Most barbecues will have a salad and perhaps even some other vegetables on the menu! When making your plate, over half of it should be filled with fresh fruits and veggies!

4.  Watch your portion sizes! It IS a celebration after all so denying yourself a few indulgences is really not necessary.  However, controlling how much you indulge IS necessary.  Remember the portion size of a piece of meat is about the size of the palm of your hand!  Don’t sample EVERY dessert.  Choose 1 or 2 and get a small portion of each.  Sit down and actually savor the taste of the dessert.  Put your fork down after every bite!

5.  Have fun and be thankful! Enjoy being with the people you love and thank God for the amazing blessing of living in one of the greatest countries in the world! 

Galatians 5:13  For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.

Playlist 06/20-06/21

06/14/12 Luau Style Class at The Kernersville Farmers' Market

We had sooo much fun dancing outside for our Luau class!!! I think we are going to have to do it AGAIN!!! Until then, here is our playlist this week:
(Don’t forget your toning sticks)

Cumbia Del Caribe -Cumbia
Ice-Ice Baby Salsa Remix
Mr. Saxobeat
Jump (Flo Rida)
Morning-Mary Mary
A La Nena Le Gusta (merengue)
Say What You Want (toning)
Que Te Pica (reggaeton toning)
Glad You Came (toning)
Sweat-Reggae Toning