United We Dance and Change the World

I truly believe every one in America needs to come to our class and learn how to be a community. Although no one wore their political preferences on their shirts for all to see, I am sure we had women who are Republican, Democrat, and all in between in class tonight.

I felt led to start tonight’s class with a prayer for our country. I prayed for unity, peace, wisdom for our leaders and reminder for us to submit to God’s will. Then we danced. We started off with Mary J. Blige’s Just Fine “So I like what see when I’m looking at me in the Mirror” OH YEAH!

We then removed our “Shackles So We Could Dance” with Mandisa’s Shackles.  I threw in a little cumbia, gnangam style, a killer salsa, a merengue, and a little reggaeton mixed with energy through the roof and we had a recipe for true community…embracing our differences with LOVE!

Women of both red and blue danced their hearts out tonight, TOGETHER. We  applauded the new job of one diva, listened intently about the upcoming wedding of an excited diva-bride-to-be, and asked about the health of the husband of another diva. Our lives are connected much deeper than politics.

We cooled down to Kirk Franklin’s “Smile” and that for me sealed the night with a Heavenly Hug. 

I love the line, “I know God is working so I smile”. 

God IS working!

I couldn’t help BUT smile at y’all tonight. I forgot that I put Proud Mary at the end just in case we had time. When it came on and y’all ran back onto the floor and danced an encore, it was just confirmation of the mighty work God is doing! The sheer joy on your faces was breath-taking!

Until we Dance again,

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