Post Election Lesson From the Divas

When I watch the women in our class dance it out each week, I am simply amazed. Amazed to see women from all different walks of life greet each other with hugs and laughter and then dance their hearts out together.  On any given class day, you may see one “diva” as we lovingly call ourselves challenging another diva to dance harder, shimmy her shoulders, shake those hips just a little more or simply asking about a sick loved one.

Yesterday was the day after the election.  Because we have women who represent the beautiful melting pot quality of our country, I am positive there were women elated over the election results and those who were devastated. I heard many conversations about the eery vibe or tense atmosphere at various workplaces. Yet, ladies still hugged each other, talked about their kids’ activities and encouraged each other about regular-ol-life stuff.

Class started with Mandisa‘s Freedom song. The lyrics are so absolutely riveting and an awesome way to start our class.  The chorus of the song says:

Can anybody hear me?
Does anybody know what I’m talking about?
When you’ve been delivered like that

You’ve got to shout it out
Lift your hands up in the air
Shout Hallelujah
Lift your hands up in the air
I have been set free

The Divas were free indeed. They were free just as we all were to vote and choose. Yet the most amazing part of this “freedom” was the choice to keep moving forward despite the outcome.  No matter what side of the election they were on last night, the divas showed up and danced.

The Divas have a lesson for Americans:

  •  Be compassionate and have empathy-If your candidate won this election, think back to another election where you didn’t get your choice and it is likely you can relate to how others may be feeling. So keep smiling. Don’t post gloating words on social media.  Don’t keep talking about how horrible the other candidate was.  Simply say hello to someone enthusiastically then do a few hip twirls together…trust me it feels amazing!
  • Accept what is with JOY- If your candidate did not win this election, please know, God is in control.  No one gets anything by chance. Accepting the results of the election as God’s will and trusting that HE knows what HE is doing is really the only thing that makes sense.  So keep smiling. Keep dancing. Don’t spew bad words about elected officials you don’t like.  Don’t get mad at everyone you know who voted differently than you. Shake your shimmy just a little harder and go dance-challenge someone. (LOL)

Is it really that simple? YES IT IS. We have all had teachers and bosses we loved and those we couldn’t stand. Just like the divas, we didn’t lay down and stop living. We kept moving. Sometimes it may have been like Paula Abdul (2 steps forward and 2 steps back) but we kept moving.

So America, keep moving.  Keep dancing. Be compassionate. Have empathy. Love…and shake yo shimmy!


Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


  1. Tisha Rawlings says:

    Drop the mike! Your words are a direct confirmation in my opinion to His Highest will for us on earth. The beginning and the end….

  2. Angie Morgan says:

    You are so inspiring and your beautiful smile helps us get through so many things we may have faced that day and just enjoy being around good people! I’m so glad I came last night! It truly helps me mentally as much as physically!

  3. One of the highlights of my week. Dance on divas, dance on! Katina, you inspire us to do better and be better.

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