Five Minute Friday-Home

Class 10/31/12

Happy Friday Divas! We are linking up with Lisa Jo Baker, (The Gypsy Mama), for her weekly writing link up–Five Minute Friday (FMF). For most FMFs, Lisa Jo provides a one word prompt and challenges writers to write about the prompt for five minutes ONLY. Today’s word is Home.

We had quite a few Divas join us for class last night who had not attended class for a long time. As I excitedly hugged Mrs. “AB” and welcomed her back, I noticed that she has lost a lot of weight. She looks amazing! I took great pride in telling her how “hawt” she looked.

The beautiful curly red-headed Ms. “JD” returned to class after a long hiatus last night also. When I greeted her, she smiled at me and then showed me her scar from her thyroid removal surgery. Ms. “JD” has been recovering from thyroid cancer. I batted back tears as she told me about the surgery, her pain, her fatigue and being happy to be able to dance again.

Just when class was about to start, Mrs. “DB” bounced into class with a hot pink t-shirt on and a big smile. Mrs. “DB” used to NEVER miss a class but she had foot surgery and last night was her first night back. We were all very excited to see her.

Mrs. “MF” came to class last night too. She has been taking care of her husband as he battles cancer. She, just like Mrs. “DB” was a consistent regular in the past.

During one of our water breaks, Ms. “KB” came up to me and said: “We have a reason to celebrate. My daughter is going to be able to keep her house.” We have been praying as a class that God provide for Ms. “KB”‘s daughter’s house situation for quite some time now.

As we cooled down to Kirk Franklin’s “Smile”. I felt the Holy Spirt moving as looked out into the gym filled with beautiful faces. So many of these ladies are doing just what the song says… even though they hurt…they smile…even though they have been there for a while…they smile…they know God is working…so they smile…and they dance!

At the end of class, I announced that we had several ladies who were back with us. I called out their names and everyone cheered for them! The gym roared with praise over our Divas coming back home.

Home is where hearts huddle together and hold on for the meaning of life”. –Shelly Miller