Change–Five Minute Friday

Five Minute FridayEvery Friday, Lisa Jo Baker hosts a blog link up called Five Minute Fridays. She provides a word prompt and then participants are to set their timers for five minutes and then write until the timer goes off.  The word for today is Change.  Happy Friday Divas and here goes:

The back to school season marks a season of change.  A lot of stuff happens when the kiddos go back to school:  schedules change, attitudes change and the traffic changes!  I don’t what it is but my mostly highway commute to work is significantly longer when school is in session. 

Even if you don’t have children, the back to school season marks the change of seasons.  Summer is leaving fall is coming.  Change.  Before we know it, the Holidays will be upon us and there will be more change.

Amidst all of the change that constantly happens, it is easy to put off the things that are really important like: exercise, eating nutritious foods, calling that friend that has been on your mind and spending time with loved ones for the urgent yet not so important things of life.

Change is inevitable but God NEVER CHANGES.    He is never confused or uncertain about what to do.  Resting in his constant sovereignty and love allows us to successfully navigate change.

Malachi 3:6 “For I, the Lord, do not change. So you, O children of Jacob, are not destroyed.

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